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"Back to witches and wizards, and magical beasts! To goblins and ghosts, and to magical feasts! It’s all that I love, and it’s all that I need! At HOGWARTS, HOGWARTS— I think I’m going back…"

Happy September 1st!


i didnt really feel like i “beat” mass effect 3 i felt like mas effect 3 beat me


I’ve always love dolly parton’s Jolene and I finally realized why

the song isn’t about a woman terrified of losing her husband to another, more beautiful woman

the song is about a woman transfixed with desire for a red haired woman named Jolene whose voice is “soft like summer rain”

and the only way she can voice that desire is through a plaintive entreaty not to “steal her man”

an entreaty during which “the man” is never described, while line after line praises Jolene’s beauty and allure

and in which the singer admits to Jolene “my happiness depends on you” and “I could never love again”

it doesn’t matter that after each stanza on Jolene the singer quickly inserts a hetero relationship

because it’s all there in the song, and how it’s not called Don’t Leave Me [insert generic man name] or Don’t Take my Man

it’s called Jolene

and you can’t sing it without lingering yearningly on her name over and over again


what ultimately terrifies the singer is not her man leaving her for Jolene

but what happens after the man has left

and she still can’t stop singing about Jolene

what happens when there’s no tenuous hetero relationship in place which can cloak her very real, very queer desire

for a woman whose “beauty is beyond compare”


The Almighty Johnsons + popular test posts (1/??)

(inspired by literally everyone)


ya hes cute…….but is he conscientious of the social inequalities and corruption in hierarchies of power that plague this world


legally an adult, mentally a terrified starfleet ensign, emotionally a mix between the self-imposed repression of a vulcan and the operatic fury of a klingon



I hate when I misplace my glasses because then I’m forced to walk around looking like I’m suspicious of everything in the room

whattabout you, cabinet? huh, you sketchy piece of shit? did you take ‘em?